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How to apply O.MASK Porefect Cleansing Mask Sheet

What is the sheet made of you’ve been using?

 Dried Bio-cellulose base effectively delivers substantial serum into your skin with its skin-like characteristics. O.mask uses this latest technology. Your skin needs pure, safer and effective delivery agent: Dried biio-cellulose mask base. 


 O.MASK uses an original, patented Hot Air Bio-Coating Technology to convert naturally obtained wet-type bio-cellulose into completely dried form— hot air to blitz and zap any remaining signs of contaminants, and antibacterial bio-coating on each microscopic fibril so the mask base can stay preservative-free.

Before Sterilization

Bio-cellulose base in microscopic view

After Hot Air Bio-Coating

Bio-cellulose base in microscopic view

Pure Dried-Bio-Cellulose Base

100% pure & preservative-free base

Regular bio-cellulose masks stay wet throughout their entire production process: from cultivation to sterilization to packaging. Knowing that bacteria love to camp in damp conditions, producers of these mask bases use a simpler sterilizing method and count on preservatives for safekeeping.

Where we’re different is in our sterilization technique. Instead of one simple method, we have a multi-step procedure to ensure you get the absolute cleanest and purest mask base.

This dried, purified goodness then gets infused and concentrated with our delectably nutritious 8+1 complex serum, returning to a comfortable texture like your own skin. Simply put, our O.MASKs went through a disinfecting desert then found heavenly oasis.


Each fibril drink up liquid up to 200X its dry weight.


 3-dimensional nanostructure

O.MASK is undoubtedly comfortable on the face, because it forms a moist, breathable seal between your pores and the air. Our mask’s jelly-like character is made possible by its dense, three-dimensionally woven structure with 0.1 micrometer fibrils. These fibrils aren’t just thin— they’re extremely hydrophilic, meaning they LOVE water. Each of these fibrils drink up and lock an incredible amount of liquid in its tightly-knit structure, up to 200X their dry weight! In other words, O.MASK’s dried bio-cellulose base allows the concentrated serum in and underside the mask to resist evaporation and stay moist throughout the entire application process, even if the outside of it starts to dry. With O.MASK, you get more active ingredients held IN the mask, than ON the mask like others.

Absorbency Test
Side View of Standard Sheet Mask
Side View of Dried Bio-Cellulose Base

Simply put, our O.MASKs went through a disinfecting desert then found heavenly oasis.

 Having this naturally fermented and specially purified (dried) bio-cellulose base for a face mask translates to O.MASK’s higher tolerability with all skin types including sensitive skin.


like your own skin

For you to get the maximal benefits from a mask, the side that does touch your face should contain most of the active ingredients and stick well so none of it escapes. Good thing O.MASK has absorption and adhesion down pat. O.MASK’s adhesiveness is so impressive that it won’t slide or peel off. This means all your face has to do is relax and sip it all up, while your hands can focus on multitasking, not readjusting the mask.

Yes, O.MASK is thin as skin and feels fun and jelly-like, but don’t let the texture fool you. The three-dimensional nanostructure of dried bio-cellulose is woven just densely enough that it doesn’t feel heavy on your face, but still stays incredibly resilient and resistant to tear.

How does a slick mask like O.MASK stick so well?

The fibrils in our dried bio-cellulose base finer than the pores and lines on your face.

The fiber measure 0.1 micrometers in diameter— that’s up to 1000X thinner than human hair and 100X less than standard sheet mask.

Optimal density vanquishes those stubborn air bubbles you get with other mask types.

The three-dimensional nanostructure of dried bio-cellulose is woven just densely enough that it doesn’t feel heavy on your face, but still stays incredibly resilient and resistant to tear..

O.MASK base
Time Elapsed
“Skin”-Printed O.MASK, Post-Application

Did we mention that O.MASK is also eco-friendly and biodegradable?

 There are just so many reasons why our dried bio-cellulose O.MASK is a smarter choice than the other popular mask types out there. O.MASK is an ace base for your face.


One-way ticket to your skin

Our mask’s perfect adhesion, paired with its outstanding ability to transfer the active ingredients pre-absorbed within its base, means there’s nowhere else but your skin that the benefits will go— there’s no going back or detouring with O.MASK, only a one-way ticket straight to your skin.

Most people tend to think the serum is everything. But truth is, the base mask itself is as, if not more, important as the “miracle ingredients” in the special formula because the base is what acts as the delivery agent that transfers the benefits in the serum to your skin.

Transferability Test
Placing Dried Bio-Cellulose base
on the right side of face
Before application vs Post-application

The key to reducing evaporation from our mask is using a humectant—an essential cosmetic ingredient that helps to retain a substance’s moisture, thereby preventing moisture loss. O.MASK’s stellar transferability is made possible by our patented bio-coating technology using a special humectant formula with which we coat each microscopic fibril. This unique step enables the highest retention of active ingredients IN our dried bio-cellulose base until it makes contact with your skin to transfer the moisture where it is greater needed. Once the delivery is complete, your skin is left hydrated and nourished from deep within.

While our special coating duly deserves the spotlight, so does its co-star: the 0.1 micrometer fibrils.

Being significantly finer than most, the fibrils in O.MASK naturally rest in the hollows of the pores and lines on your face, allowing for a much deeper penetration and transfer of the active ingredients they carry. With that, the fibrils are structured at the perfect degree of density that you get the most even coverage and optimal serum transfer.

Trust us— once you O.MASK, there’s NO mask that compares. O.M.G-worthy in every way. Oh, you go, O.MASK!